Dale Fort Blog Number 54

3 11 2017

Dale Fort Flower Quiz:  THE ANSWERS

A receptacle is:

a) A new prescription from SpecSavers

b) A small piece of chocolate

c) The tip of a flower stalk

d) A frond bearing tetraspores


A filament is:

a) A thread of spider silk

b) A  large piece of DNA

c) The distal convoluted anther

d) An anther stalk


Name the Family

Orchid/Orchidacae (early purple)


Name the Family

Carrot/Umbelliferae/Apeacae (wild carrot)


A stigma is:

a) A tattoo like mark on a stem

b) A  sticky tip

c) A good tip

d) A stipule


A sepal is:

a) An Anglo-Indian Army Officer

b) A group of 17 petals

c) What a Glaswegian says on seeing his chum

d) Floral leaves around the petals


Name the Family

Grass/Graminae/Poacae (annual meadow grass)



A pedicel is:

a) A tiny pair of pincers owned by a sea urchin

b) The foot housing on a safety bicycle

c) Where Rolf Harris lives

d) A flower stalk


An actinomorphic flower is:

a) Zygomorphic

b) Morphozygic

c) Radially symmetrical

d) Bi-laterally symmetrical


Name the Family

Rose/Rosacae (bramble)



Gluma is Latin for:

a) Sad

b) Husk

c) Outer membrane

d) Photosynthetic


Name the Family

Daisy/Compositae (daisy)



Name the Family

Geranium/Geraniacae (dovesfoot cranesbill)



Lemma is Greek for:

a) Lemon

b) Husk

c) Inner membrane

d) Motorhead


Name the Family

Buttercup/Ranunculaceae (meadow buttercup)



A zygomorphic flower is:

a) Zygozymboglioid

b) Zambodogbigliode

c) Radially symmetrical

d) Bi-laterally symmetrical


A corolla is:

a) Mass ejection of solar material

b) The basal parts of a tropical reef

c) The whirl of sepals

d) The whirl of petals


Name the Family

Campion/Caryophyllacae (red campion)



An inferior ovary is:

a) Located between the sepals

b) Found below the rhizome

c) Found below the stigma

d) Found below the calyx


A gynaecium is:

a) The annual conference of midwives

b) An assemblage of gyns

c) An ovary and carpels

d) A stipule and its microspores


Name the Family

Cabbage/Cruciferae (field pepperwort)



Name the Family

Figwort/Scrophulariacae (foxglove)



An anther produces:

a) Seeds

b) Rhizoids

c) Pollen

d) Carpels


A calyx is:

a) A brassica flavoured ice lolly

b) A  small sepal

c) The proximal convoluted tubule

d) A whirl of sepals in a flower


If You scored:

25:    You are a botanical genius, a spectacular career awaits at The British Museum (and a Nobel Prize obviously, if there was one for botany)

20 – 25:  Jolly well done,  Kew Gardens awaits your arrival

15 – 20:  Good (‘ish) work, Your local parks department will surey employ you

10 – 15:  Why not apply for an alotment?

5 – 10:  Maybe you could try a window box?

0 – 5: Do you want extra large fries with that?

See the next blog for something else.




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