Dale Fort Blog Number 47

30 11 2015

Autumn Starlings at Dale Fort

Regular readers (if there are any) may remember Blog Number 18 which was all about the Pembrokeshire Island of Grassholm.



Grassholm is best known as the home of tens of thousands of gannets. It is the third biggest colony in the northern hemisphere with about 12% of the world’s population.

Grassholm is also enchanted (or it was in The Bronze Age) and Bedigaid Fran (well just his severed head actually) and his colleagues spent 80 years there some 2000-odd years ago. How he ended up on the island was at least in part due to a starling.

A detail that was omitted from the story given in Blog Number 18 (see above) is that Branwen (Bendigaid Fran’s sister) started all the trouble via a message sent from Ireland, delivered by a starling. The Mabinogion does not make it clear whether the starling carried a tiny message on its leg, or in its bill, or spoke to him directly. I suspect the latter.

The link below will take you to my video of huge numbers of starlings massing and murmurating and converting all the invertebrates into bird-poo fertilizer in a small corner of Pembrokeshire near Dale Fort.


Many thanks to You’re Not Percy for the starlingy music.

Watch out for the next blog, coming soon.




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30 11 2015
Dale Fort Blog Contents 1 to 47 | dalefort

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27 10 2016
Steve Potts (@pottssteve)

Star(t)ling, Steve. There’s got to be a good way to cook them…..

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